July 2017

Wow! It has been a while since we have reached out to some of you with some news.

The biggest news is that we have changed our name from Piedmont Epicurean and Agricultural Center to The New Ag School to better reflect our vision. I want to assure you we have been busy getting this program into the next gear of organization, operation and recognition.


Our board has been meeting regularly to define and enhance our program. Beth Sastre, a Mexico City native and horticulture specialist, and a new board member, provides us with bilingual program assistance to reach our Latino team.

We are looking to hire a part time administrator to help track and organize our workers, as well as the programs. This step will add tremendously to our measurable success as well as our profile in the community.


We have 4 more mentees this year than last year and 2 more mentors. We are also working on our entry level modules both in English and Spanish. The modules are: Cleaning and Sanitation, Leadership and Entrepreneurism, General Horticulture, Hospitality, and Farm Equipment and Safety. This will give our mentees the exposure to the various general work areas in agri-business that may not directly relate to their current work on their mentors farms but prepares them for future employment.


We have been working with Margaret Brown and her public relations team to get in front of grant opportunities as well as promoting The New Ag School.
I have presented our program to the local Ruritan clubs, the Loudoun CEO Cabinet as well as different local business and organizations.

Also, we received a grant from 100 Women Strong to write the manuals to go along with the modules listed above. This recognition is very important because they are counting on us, as a start-up, to make a difference in agri-business. We will take that challenge on!

To Sum it Up:

We are committed to communicating with our supporters more frequently. We are looking to get more mentors signed on to share their knowledge as well as take advantage of the workforce that we are developing. Also, we are looking for sponsors of The New Ag School. The donations we receive can go a long way, but we need that commitment to make this work. We also encourage you to patronize the businesses that are involved with this effort.

Thanks so much for your interest, support, participation and confidence in what we are doing. The success we have can be measured in social, economic and environmental units. Let’s keep winning!

Interested in finding out more? Email newagschool@gmail.com or Contact Us here.

Doug Fabbioli

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