Free info guide from the University of Kentucky

Spray Pressure?  Droplet Size?  Vapor Drift?  Chemical Trespass?

A free info guide from the Pesticide Education Program at the University of Kentucky Department of Entomology will help answer these questions and more when preventing the unwanted spread of applied pesticides on crops.

Drift is the uncontrolled movement of a pesticide away from its target area.  Studies have shown that a sizable percentage of pesticides may never reach the intended target site because of drift. Significant drift can damage or contaminate sensitive crops, poison bees, pose health risks to humans and animals, and/or contaminate nearby soil and water.

This can mean lawsuits, administrative action, or criminal fines. Be able to recognize situations that increase potential problems and know how to deal with them. It is impossible to eliminate drift, but it is possible to reduce it to a tolerable level.

Download Minimizing Pesticide Drift