He always wanted to become a farmer. While other kids his age were playing and having fun, he would be taking care of his chickens and learning as much as possible about livestock, a subject that fascinates him like no other. And here he is, more than a decade down the road making his dream of working on a farm come true. Meet Alex Bates, the new Farm Manager of Rapidan River Farm, in Charlottesville and a proud young farmer who believes that agriculture and farming is a solid job with a solid career prospect.

Free classes on Saturdays, hands on training, networking… Saturday On The Farm is attracting more and more people. There are those who are in the ag industry but who wish to enrich their knowledge and skillset, some want to look at the opportunities as a side gig and then there are others who have land and who want to learn how to farm on it. This is how the New Ag School’s fresh free initiative has been serving many ag purposes and building an ag community, one farmer at a time.